Learning & Development

  • medium-three-at-computer-jpg-362x246At TriZetto, we know the value of learning and development. After all, our company is constantly innovating to transform the healthcare industry. We need leaders who understand the challenge, who can envision the solutions and who have the skills to turn vision into reality. Recently, we launched our Associate Professional Development series which includes:

    Business and Functional Leaders/Principals

    Strategic Leadership Program

    TriZetto is proud to partner with Columbia University on the Strategic Leadership program for Business and Functional Leaders as well as Technical Principals. This 1.5-day program is designed to prepare TriZetto’s Leaders to succeed at their leadership level by shifting from short-term to long-term strategic planning, developing robust business acumen skills and driving competitive advantage. Participants are identified by ELT in conjunction with HR Leadership and HRBP input.

    Manager of Managers/Technical Experts

    High Performance Leadership is a 3.5-day robust development program designed to accelerate the development of TriZetto Experts, Directors and AVPs. The curriculum provides a common understanding of the results expected in these roles and develops the critical leadership skills needed to coach and develop talent, manage critical relationships, and foster the cross-functional relationships that are essential to success. Participants are nominated by VP, HR Leadership and HRBP.

    Leadership Pipeline

    Women in Leadership

    The Women in Leadership program is a 3.5-day intensive designed to accelerate the development of female leaders who sit in Director and above roles. The curriculum examines the challenges and opportunities inherent for women in leadership roles. Participants develop the Executive Presence skills needed to project confidence, competence and composure. Additionally, the program focuses on the coaching, mentoring, and inspirational skills that are essential to the success of every female leader. Participants are nominated by VP, HR Leadership and HRBP.

    Manager of Others

    Emerging Leaders (EL)

    For managers who want to take their leadership capabilities to the next level, this 2.5 day program challenges participants to learn new ways of managing in a variety of workplace situations. The content enhances a common understanding of the Leadership Pipeline results expected at the front-line manager level and teaches managers how to become effective in delegating and coaching their teams. Participants are nominated by VPs, HR Leadership and HRBP.

    Technical Professionals

    Excelling as a Technical Professional (ETP) is a 2.5 day development program designed to further develop the critical interpersonal and professional skills required to be successful as a Senior Technical Professional at TriZetto. The course curriculum focuses on recognizing and adapting behavioral style; collaborating effectively, building trust, and giving and receiving feedback. Participants are nominated by VPs, HR Leadership and HRBP.

    Managerial Training

    To support the development of managerial skills, the following programs are offered through a variety of mediums, including: Instructor-Led Training (ILT), Web-Based Training (WBT), Videos, and Pod Casts.

    Manager Boot Camp

    Manager Boot Camp is a 2-day program designed to support those individuals who are new to the managerial role, as well as those who are new to managing at TriZetto. The curriculum provides the tactical tools and skills needed to be an effective manager and focuses on the following:

    • Clearly identify team mission, objectives, roles and responsibilities
    • Effectively manage, plan and delegate work
    • Leverage Insights to become a more effective communicator
    • Navigate through the career lifecycle of hiring, onboarding, managing performance and promotions, and off-boarding
    • Provide effective feedback and motivate team members


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